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Protecting Landlord Rights

As a landlord, you have to strike a delicate balance between protecting your rights while avoiding exposure to liability and legal action from your tenants. Most landlords are not aware of the complicated regulations involved in this area of law. There are strict rules involved when you can evict someone and the process by which you can evict someone, the liability you could face for your tenants’ injuries, and a range of other matters.

At Stramer Law Offices, our lawyers have extensive experience advocating for the rights of landlords in landlord-tenant disputes and other clients with real estate issues. Our founding attorney, Hyman I. Stramer, has personal experience in these matters as a landlord himself. Our firm has served the Milford area for many years and we pay close attention to state and local updates to landlord/tenant law.

Comprehensive Legal Representation Throughout The Tenancy Process

Our firm’s attorneys can help you before you have a legal conflict. We are happy to review your leases and other legal contracts with tenants to ensure you are fully protected. We can assist landlords with issues such as:

  • Drafting or reviewing leases
  • Fourteen-day eviction notices
  • Filings in the Housing Court
  • Litigation and settlement negotiations in landlord-tenant disputes

We understand that things can move quickly during an eviction or other landlord-tenant disputes, so we deliberately limit our caseload so we can provide personalized attention to you when you need it. You will work directly with one of our lawyers throughout your case.

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